We brew twenty-first century certified organic craft beer that would satisfy even the most ardent beer connoisseur. Our boutique style luxury beers are brewed and flavoured with 100% natural and organic Bulgarian Rose Water that contributes to the unique and exquisite aroma and flavour. We firmly believe that Planet Earth’s future is determined by mankind’s activity and hence our mission is to brew certified organic beers that are 100% natural, earth-friendly, and GMO-free. In addition, we do not use any animal products in the production process and all our beers are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Pink Rose Bottle

A traditional India Pale Ale that is infused with hibiscus flowers and enhanced by rose water to complete a 21st century beer that features compound synergistic flavour and aroma.

Black Rose Bottle

An all year round beer that swiftly blends the orange and coriander notes of a wheat beer with the fragrance and taste of roses into an exquisite brew that gradually reveals its complexity with every sip.

Black Rose Bottle

Black Rose is a certified organic vegan chocolate stout brewed with organic Bulgarian Rose Water. It is a strong black beer that perfectly combines the deep chocolate malt aroma and flavour with the mild fragrance and taste of roses to give you a beer of exceptional character and complexity. Black Rose is a bottle conditioned beer and contains natural sediment.


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